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Welcome to Sendai Meiban, the provider of high-grade safety products through excellence in service. As safety professionals, we develop, sell and rent safety items to prevent accidents from occurring at construction sites.

Sendai Meiban proposes the following:

1) "Safety" at construction sites that are fraught with danger

2) "Beauty" that is in harmony with the surrounding environment

3) eco-friendly practices that are "Kind To Our Planet"

With more than 30,000 safety products to choose from, you can be assured that you will find the best solutions to safety issues at construction sites.


Apr 10, 2019

Welcome to our English website

We have now opened our company website in English language.
Latest updates will be posted here.



TT Cone

Safety cone

Dimensions: 700(H) 365(W) 365(T) mm

Provided with cut-outs for wind to pass through, TT Cones are more difficult to be moved or toppled over by the wind than our standard cones for rent. Since these cut-outs also allow you to check for any object placed under the cone without lifting it, that require counterterrorism security measures.

The Solar Smart Marker

Safety cone-mountable flasher

Dimensions: 58(Dia.) 47.5(H) mm

The Solar Smart Marker is a safety flasher designed to be mounted on top of smart cones. They can be attached to various types of smart cones. Their on/off switches are structurally protected from accidental operation while mounted on stacked cones,there by saving you the trouble of attaching or detaching flashers every time you position or remove safety cones. The flashed also features a special optical design which enhances the excellent visibility.

LookCa(VR System)

Leading-edge VR technology can resolve issues regarding education about safety at construction sites!

This product was created to help prevent the occurrence of on-the-job accidents at construction sites. LookCa is useful for providing safety education at construction sites. Using the virtual reality head-mounted display, trainees can learn the following through VR simulations: causes of accidents, the viewpoints of actual victims; and for heavy-equipment accidents, the viewpoints of operators.

The NEO Guard Flash REVO

Solar flashing light for guardraisl

Dimensions: 365(H) 110(W) 68(D) mm

A solar synchronous flashing LED light for guardrails.It can blink for 120 hours with no sunshine.

The Neo Cross Arrow

Large-size solar ratating light

Dimensions: 600(H) 600(W) 600(Dia.) mm

The Neo Cross Arrow has a synchronization function that enables multiple units to flash synchronously, and features multiple flash patterns for use in different situations. Mounted on a tripod, the light is positioned high enough to be seen from a distance.

The Sakura Circular Mini

Cherry-blossom-shaped revolving light

Dimensions: 650(φ) 120 mm

Shaped in the notif of a cherry blossom,this large solar revolving light utilizes a taillamp used in automobiles. The light automatically adjusts the frequency of the flash and degree of brightness according to whether it is day or night.

General Catalogue

Corporate Information

Company Name Sendai Meiban Co.,Ltd.
President/CEO Koji Atsumi Representative Director and President/CEO, Sendai Meiban Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 5-8-5 Nakano, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 983-0013 Japan
Founded TEL. +81-(0)22-388-7334
FAX. +81-(0)22-388-7352
Capital 300 million yen
Sales 26.7 billion yen
No. of employees 669 (as of April 1, 2017)
Description of business Sales and rental of safety equipment, sales of construction and landscape materials

Sales Division 1

Hokkaido Region Sapporo, Hakodate, Obihiro, Asahikawa, Kushiro, Tomakomai
Northern Tohoku Region Aomori, Hachinohe, Morioka, Ofunato, Akita
Southern Tohoku Region Sendai, Furukawa, Ishinomaki Kizai Center, Kesennuma Shucchojo,Yamagata, Shonai, Fukushima, Iwaki, Soso
Hokuetsu Region Niigata, Chuetsu, Joetsu, Toyama, Kanazawa, Fukui

Sales Division 2

Northern Kanto Region Mito, Tsukuba, Utsunomiya, Gunma, Kanto, Nishi-Saitama, Kanto Kizai Center (Tsukuba)
Southern Kanto Region Chiba, Tokyo, Tokyo Sotokan Shucchojo, Nishi-Tokyo, Yokohama, Shonan,Shinkiba Service Station
Chubu Region Matsumoto, Gifu, Shizuoka, Nagoya
Kansai Chugoku Region Keiji, Osaka, Kobe, Hanwa, Okayama, Hiroshima
Kyushu Region Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Saga, Kumamoto, Kagoshima


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